Love bipolar

Someone asked me to define this topic as I had been singing this line of a song . Okay !!!! Here you go friend..this is how I define it –
Katy Perry found this disease I guess.
This disease ain’t going to spread….
You come into it with no particular reason but to “fall”in love… (gawky is the statement I know)
And you fall so deep that the usual happens
1 .Possessiveness
3.” I love you ” messages all day long
4.Clichés like” I Would Never Leave you”…”I cant live without you” ….”I’ll give my life for you”…
5.Increase in intensity
6.Phone calls…missed calls….dropped in messages….
7.Daily good morning, good afternoon,good evening,good night messages
And then the hike starts descending she pick up something maybe coz she is sceptic or she is PMSing or he bloat up something  cus he might be going through workload or he would have fought with some acquaintance at the gym…..and then they declare a break up…she cry all day long….he is all messed up…days pass by…one day his phone buzzes an “I MISS YOU ” and they chatter on the past mistakes,where they went wrong,what lead to it…and the rest of the uselessness follows..
He whispers he missed her, she cry saying the same…exchange silence…they patch up….YEAH!they promise on not doing it again…even when they know something else is going to dig next time and they  love happily ever after for a few days until the next one parts them…..
Challenge over ! I defined it


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