Hair goes short again

It’s been long since I had been craving to cut my hair short. Mum was like “let your sister come down..go with her”.
And the day came … mornings had been this good…and the fact that I  hate the  SPLIT ENDS to which mum jibbers the winter season does it all.

I picked up my sister (keeping in mind that she would pamper me with eateries) . She is one of the best COOKS I know 😁 ( if at all you are reading this -“JASHI YOU ARE THE BEST “😍😍
So we broke into the beauty parlour.. the staffs seemed to be like aliens with messy beautiful hair ,layers of foundation ,mascara,lipstick  . My sister  was dumbstruck at the first look of the “PRETTY” ladies. 😅  I warned her not to Roll on the floor laughing .
Then came A GIGANTIC lady. Who looked exactly like a witch on broomstick 😁  ( harsh I know…but see,now you have an idea of what category she’s into)
Her hair all straight like she just inserted her fingers into a plug with switch on and made it look like a dried whiting, her bosom showing that she is a lady for sure  , tight jeans,floaty top,lips all pasted with lipstick ; replica of a fish’s lips ,with some bangles on one hand with scissors on the other getting ready to break a war with my hair. And the best part HER VOICE 😅  I was reminded of the granny in Looney toons 😍.
I bet any man would go weak seeing her.
Whatever it maybe😉  she pampered my hair with some shampoo and conditioner , applied something on my head ,she started her tactics with her staffs stating that I don’t give enough care for my hair ( bleh!! mum would die laughing if she hear this) so this lady asked me to visit this place once a month so my hair would be super fine .”BEAUTY AUNTY,I WAS A BUSINESS MAIN STUDENT BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL…SO I KNOW HOW TO WOO CUSTOMERS😁”
She started dancing my hair with scissors and her fingers , kept asking me fusillades of useless questions. I wished to get out of the salon as soon as possible.Then came the sound of the hair dryer followed by the hiss of  hairspray , she crumbled my hair and then I took a look of myself after an hours work on my hair .


Though I’m not happy with that lady ;she did some good for sure ….”beauty aunty you are spared this time “


I was like -FISH!!!! IS THIS ME???😳😱

And then my sister goes -fuck!! Is this my sister?
All things were going good until BEAUTY AUNTY came into the payment area  and she asked  “you loved it?”
And I cried out “MORE THAN AWESOME THIS IS !”😍
She asked me to go there  often to which I  was sceptic to answer.I pulled out 500 bucks from my purse  and was about to wave bye forever. She showed her yellow teeth and conveyed  that I gave her only 500 and I forgot the other 500
I felt a chill passing through my spine which hit my brain obviously and came out as a high toned “WHAT THE HECK!”.But I had to pay  😦
I unwillingly took out another 500 bucks and came out cursing her. After all business is business says my business family  😁
But little am I ever going there no matter what !


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