on being dimpled

It’s been long …..very long time I had been going through  “ALWAYS SMILE” mode on.
Yeah! I do love my dimples 😊  but what if you are asked to show it off whenever someone wants to see it ??

Yikes !!

Well! I hate to fake smiles.
20 years it has been and this keep happening to me (I do love it when people flaunt it but not when my head is on fire) .
And here are some comments, questions ,blah ….blah…. blah I heard of my dimples.


now THAT’s SOOOO ME !!

*  Guy next door when I was glowing in my adolescence:

“Wow  ! Life seems to be better  when you smile …. You are beautiful.”
– dude! I know where you are taking this 😉  but I’m sorry !

* Maths teacher back in school: “aww ! look at this girl ; she should be the next  girl opted for best smile title”
–  and I’m like 😁😁😁😁😁

*Someone standing in a queue:

“Oh! Did I just see something when you smiled ? I mean YOU HAVE  CURLY BRACES ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU SMILE”
– yeah! It didn’t form last night 😐

*Girl of the opposite group back in school:

“Rhea has a deformity on her face  . They call it dimples “.
– yeah ! Deformity it is but see, you are completely deformed…physically and mentally  .

*Old friend (since then) :

“I want my babies to have dimples like yours…mean to say I  love you “.
-sorry! I want my babies to have brains 😁 (though I was like WTF listening to him then )

*BFF before becoming BFF:

“Shall I touch your dimples” .
-I’m no alien 👽

*Nosey aunty:

“Those who have dimples lie too much”.
– no no no no not as much as you!!  😁

*Brother (pulling my legs though) :

“You are ugly when you smile with pits on both sides”
– look at the mirror  you have it too…..ugliness balanced and he is like 😷

*Astrology believer aunty :

“This can bring you luck”.
-Bill gates have dimples??

*Girl next door :

“Does it hurt when you smile?”
– ergh!

*Aunty next door :

“This is girl is soooooo pretty .”
– I’ll always love you for calling me that .


Yeah! It is a deformity , I agree and it is pure biology hereditary that rely on genetics . So what’s with it ? Stop looking at me like I just came out of some planet’s UFO and smiled a miracle on your face . But please do continue flaunting 😁


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