It’s my brother’s day

No wonder!! he’s a Casanova .
And I always contemplate on- “WHAT ON EARTH DOES THESE IDIOTS SEE IN MY BROTHER?”- cus he’s such a kid , an immature lot ,the funny bone , the “strict faced” ; only I know what this moron is all about.
Before I start off I am sure the birthday man won’t read this completely cus he is lazy.IMG-20160213-WA0010

I always bug you …I know, and you mask it all up as if you don’t care. And you know how much I cried when you went far away from home…I still miss the good old days when you ate from my plate the reserved lot of fried chicken and prawns and left nothing for me .That day when you gave me a packet of GOOD DAY biscuit knowing I’m hungry and remember??? I ended up going through endless loose motions and nausea and you were scolded by Paa.
You always note every movement of my eyes and make the possible wishes come true even when I don’t tell you. You are the only person who can’t stand my tears , and you too start crying seeing me weep. You brought me up BOYISH .You believe me when the whole…. WHOLE… whole fucking world goes against me. And I do the same when it comes to you,well I’ve made people hate me when they talk against you  .

15042014260 (2)

I know you hate me writing about you …but I’m sorry I can’t stop cus I HAVE THE BEST …..( a trillion touchwoods!!)
Come home ASAP ….you don’t know how hard it is to spend every second without getting mad at you …..calling you by my tailor-made names…… without going for long drives… screaming when I drive  ….. your weirdo messages……you threatening me by creating stories  ,asking me to grow up (oh halo! the reason why I’m still a kid is because of you according to all back here home).

Aetta 😦 I MISS YOU
cus There’s
no one to mess my hair.
no one to cuddle.
no one on whom I can try men’s hairstyle.
no one to dirty the bedsheets stamping on it with dirtied legs .
no one to allegedly use my bathing towel.
no one to take me for useless drives.
no one to whom I can open my shit boxed mind to.
no one to cry to.
no one to carry my bag coming back from college.
no one to taste and say “BWWAK” at whatever I cook.
no one who can make Momlu’s head go round and round.
no one to dance with me like mad monkeys.
no one to sing the male version of our songs.
no one to beg for gifts.
no one to randomly beat and run.
no one to fight for T.V and theatre remotes.
no one to go on bike.
no one to take me to Jaanu.
no one to make me feel that I’m not flawed.
no one to treat me like a 5 year old kid.
no one to splatter water on me on my birthdays.
no one to kiss like a favourite pet  of mine.
no one to hold hands tight to make sure there is one person who would stack by.
no one to reach for the right decision.
no one to run to when needed.
no one to convey “everything will be okay”.
no one to whom I could scream “STOP BEING LAVISH”.


I very well know what you are more than anyone in this whole universe . Things had always turned upside down, I’ve made you cry, I’ve even taken off your sleep looking after me when I’m sick and little have I ever been able to tally the balance sheet ….though I don’t have to.
I have changed ….you too have. But see, we still share the same bond ….and I believe it would remain the same though there would be puddles to be crossed. I’ve never gone against your wishes …..never will I.
And the promise I gave you will always be abided.
I don’t know what this is all about but for sure I guess you always tumbled on Momlu’s tummy and jibbered baby languages when I was sleeping inside her and since then I found a “CRACK- HEAD” friend in you…
Momlu always say that only you will be there for me in all stages ,she keeps jibbering how much I mean to you though you don’t know how to express .
And I give you another promise that I would stand by you and always be there for you to lean on and also to listen to whatever you want to speak out .


keep safeguarding me nimbhess
with endless hugs
love and
your’s tweeeety


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