when bff gets married

Time to have that weirdo smile !😁.
Another Bff gonna be chained  (and my parents are like “get used to it”😊…)cus it’s the same as  PMS ….like when you come to know that the person who were solely yours is going to have someone else in her life….
That crucial moment when you realize that you should knock the door before entering.
It’s like you have  a void area which is vacuum and you are dying out  of oxygen.
Okay! that’s fine ……😁  but after kids???
Until then you were her kid ….but when her tummy goes flat after bringing to the world someone cherubic…she would have a real toddler…though  you were her kid before his arrival and there were times you cried mucus outta nose
Whatever!one day or the other all of us have to live on our own…

then why wait ?

You get married girl 😁  I can’t wait to dance on your sangeeth 😁


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