long lasting

Encompassing the fact-🎤 “nothing lasts forever but this is getting good now”🎤 –
As Miss swift screams out through my headphones….
Yeah! Kid was I..and the fact that an old old old friend of mine asked me to GROW SOME BRAINS….well! BFF you really made a glitch in my system ; like , now you deleted the history……last seen …..and WHAT WE SHARED…I know that drone would never read this …..and he had been one of my “favoritest” bff . And I doubt on it now.
Pretty sure that we would no more have the vibe that we once coped up with….and if given a CHANCE I’d throw that CHANCE into some sea which is far away from whoever, or else take that CHANCE for myself and  live in some island (all alone) and pet a dog instead;make friends with no one (yeah!I’m alone hihiiii…allright I’ll get a new number for my cellphone and give that number to no one except some irreplaceable ones… so that would include  35 people in my contact list ) .And live happily ever after with myself  with no heart  aches  and no heart breaks.

not a small island like this….but I know I need no Caliban or Prospero!

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