My hands are ice cold..and other than seeing my fingers kissing the virtual keyboard I can’t feel nothing it’s cold….but little can I do anything cus within 3 minutes I’ve asked dad to put on the AC and now he gives me a gabbar look cus 3minutes ago I asked him to put it off 😁.
So, I’m on my way to my favorite place COIMBATORE😍  I’m missing aettan already  but not for long …he promised to catch up from there though.
Well I love Tamil Nadu maybe because I have roots growing all the way from there 😆.
Whatever it may be; I can do nothing inside my 4wheeler..mum is like. ” look at her sitting like a lioness all locked up in a cage” and giggles. Yeah! If I were back home I would be running behind birds …butterflies and my neighbor’s cat.😁
And right now I’m sitting in the second backseat .Jaanu AKA grandmum is sleeping in the last seat and momlu is next to me . My legs are asking to run I know I am in vain…..😊
All are tired except dad, me and our driver uncle….
Yeah! Mum keep waking up from her sleep to tell me to get some sleep…..and I’m like LET ME BRIM WITH EXUBERATION😎


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