hit by adolescence

Ever had a crush??
What a question…..you are mentally retarded if you never had one 😁.
Even the weirdest idiot -myself – have one since ages.
What is a crush??? πŸ˜†
Yea the definition from my point of view:
It is a living being that is of good physique and
EYES who…by the first look of his / her crescent moon eyes….brings waves into your mind that your tongue get stuck on to the roof of the mouth…the heart beat increases the blood vessels rupture…. the pleasure of fantasizing comes to a hike ….Goosebumps from tip of the toe to the scalp . When he talk…. you smile like ditz…..and you yourself plan to marry him/her when at that age …..have 6-7 Kids who would carry forward his/her legacy .


He or she could belong to the following category
1. A classmate.
2. Girl next door/ GUY next door.
3. Brother’s or sister’s friend.
4. A random champ at the bus stop.
5. A senior guy in high school or a junior cherubic face in secondary school.
6. A topper in class.
7. A guitarist.
8. Some hot film star or a handsome author.
9. Favourite guy/girl of your mother.
10. A relative that can bump into your fantasy from some distant uncle’s second son’s third daughter’s marriage.
11. Best friend’s brother/sister.
12. Someone who proposed you for the first time and you dropped that ticket.
So, this is a common nomenclature of puberty as when I talked to my mum about this she said
” this happens…which is a part of your growth….you ought to have this…there is nothing wrong with you…in fact that’s common” she smiled and retired to bed….and i was like πŸ‘‰
😍😍😍😍 –
The next moment she comes into my room and say
“this doesn’t mean you feel so badly that you end up being an idiot” (hihi….she knows me better than anyone else…) 😁
and I’m like mum read my thoughtsπŸ˜‘.
And not bothering her….after all it’s just a crush little does he know and never will he know…. I run back to where the train of fantasy got interrupted and start it once again.😁


11 thoughts on “hit by adolescence

      1. Haha tanch πŸ˜‡ Unlike before I’ve posted only one 🀐 Anyway, it’s truly soo fun to go through your posts you know.. I mean it.. Now, I started liking your mom too 😘.. Tbh who can avoid if one read and understand like that.. Lucky girl πŸ‘€βœ

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