And if at all you are a guy you would be like. “wow! Let that secret in” πŸ˜‚
PMS as the full form goes πŸ‘‰ Pre Menstrual Syndrome, well all idiots knows from either youtube, google or 8th standard text book page number 36?? Yea 36 I guess 😁.
Remember? We were all chicken outta egg when we studied that? In fact we knew nothing. Well! I knew nothing until I reached college…you know the whole biology becomes easier when a group of friends put their brains , ideas and queriesΒ  together….therefore I was forced to study it from them and still they call me a kid πŸ˜‘.
Chuck ;Β  out of the topic we are .
So guys you ask what PMS is all about…
Though I’m not an expert in biology as my bffs ; I can tell you this coz I go through it every single month ….so obedient it is πŸ˜‘.


The yuckiest days which lasts for a week ….even two or more than that .and the worsest part begins a week before.
Different types of PMS

1. You miss your old friend whom you met in the labour room when you were a new born 😁
2. You miss the teacher who taught your mother .πŸ˜‚

Nope!!! it is serious indeed .NOW TO THE EXACT SYMPTOMS.
1. You cry amidst something funny.
2. You miss mum and paapa if they are away.
3. Eat up your best friend’s brain over WhatsApp and not picking up when he/she rings to find whether things are okay.(well I DO THAT πŸ™†)
4. Crave for chocolates.
5. Miss your ex (if any) …I don’t cus I’m blessed to have no space in my pod to have a boyfriend even πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but I know some buttheads belonging to this category😁 .
6. You need your crush so very badly: Though he /she might not even know you.😁
7. Shout at everything and everyone -hormones I tell you.
8. Cry over some uncle who passed away recently , cus you couldn’t cry then 😝
9. Sit somewhere and count the days …😁
10. Watch ultra dramatic serials or movies to pleasure your tragic spot in the brain.
11. High on emotions when someone says something sarcastic but it hits the brain again in the tragic plot that you end up being cross at them.
12. Anger rupturing from every blood vessels….and the reason ?? NOTHING πŸ˜‘
13. Sitting somewhere in the corner of your bedroom reading a “separation” love story and crying more than the actual characters.
15. Driving all the ways and lamenting on the loss of petrol. ( hihi….I do that😁).

Well….it doesn’t seem to have an end…but I tell you we ain’t rustic all the time…..we have a better side.
Good god made angels…πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
So why not spare some days a month?


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