waking up to a tomorrow

Nights ain’t good as they seem to be .
it’s dark around
and when blinded, you see the unseen
as my mum taught me ;

“go to sleep with a happy mind,
so you get a happy sleep… a happy night
so you brim with happiness.”
But difficult it is when you are haunted by some weird thoughts or guilt in the gut,
You know ; that emotion which pervades your mind , you go numb,you start sweating…get goosebumps all over… you toss and turn on bed…you clutch on to the second pillow,
when guilt combines it multiplies to manifold …
Well ! it’s not just guilt ,
it could be because you miss someone sorely that you have no other way out than ooze the tears out of your eyes….
I have to tell you the outcome of it -tranquility .
but cry when you want to cry…..cowards don’t cry they say…
That feeling when you cry the mucus out of your nose and sit calm…make love to your mind with that catharsis, there is this feeling of happiness that pervades…
ask me I’ll tell you how good it feels.
sitting quiet in your own room in darkness …your cold body…calm mind…red nose..watery eyes …nobody knowing and next day you pretend everything’s okay…
There lies happiness…when you cover your loved ones with the ecstasy they deserve though you are having a tough time..for tough times shall fade away….but people ones lost can never be redeemed..then why not pull out yourself and make them smile in any way possible?

if you are one going through this ( I ain’t no one to advise on this ) Β but this would work…put back the introspection for to be contemplated at night ….when you are under the blanket of sunshine delay not…make the time worth !


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