to MY surname ..with love

The fact that I’ve inherited a lot from him…..he still remains unique !


there you go my man….that man no one can ever be….

He is a kid to be precise ( I call him a senior citizen though he just stepped out of his 40’s.One and only genius who is an encyclopaedia (I bet he is the “mostest” voracious reader one would ever meet). For instance ,if there is a fire in the next building and people are running for life…he would least notice it ,even his senses stop working when he is drooling his brain into books and if at all he notices the fire, all he would probably do is run as fast as he can with his library of books….
Right now you would be like this girl is too high when she talks about her dad …..and you would give me a brash emoji …
But I don’t fucking care .Cus I already have the most precious person on earth.
like ;

I have this person to whom
I can shout at
I can hurt
I can fight with ( ergh ! he remains quiet ,though I bark out loud)
I can laugh at
I can laugh with
I can mock around
I can roll my eyes at
I can fake phone calls to
I can demand for bucks😛
I can steal coins from
I can send funny messages to
I can dance with crazy moves
I can take for night rides
I can cry the mucus out on his shirt
I can lean on when things ain’t right
I can pinch for no reason
I can splash water at
I can squeeze Orange peel into his eyes
I can laugh out loud with
I can teach technology to (teach taught …cuz he is better than me in technology now)😀
okay! I’ll go on and on with the “I -can- list” if I don’t pull the chain of this train round here.

MBP (That’s what mum call him),

“You don’t kow
but it really feels like i am a hollow bone flying all over in the space when you ain’t home….
you sing badly too…but our duet will always be the best and you know that too….We talk on all crap-topics…and mum would be like “WHAT ON EARTH?”.

You were the one who brought me to the world of books …Maybe you did foresee that I’ll fall in love with them…You make the right decisions for me …and never say a “NO” to anything I need …Maybe that’s why I’m a spoilt , utterly pampered,immature,brainless “KID” ..well! that’s what people say ,but you very well know What I am .. though I act like an idiot to the outsiders.

When the other parents ask their kids to fake a polished yellow teeth smile at everyone ;you and mum are always like “BE YOURSELF … FOR US ,YOU ARE ADORABLE AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS” (trillion touch woods ).

Remember paa ?? When you return home I used to run to you… Aettan and I used to hide behind doors to scare you…and you pretend to be scared…..

You taught me to write for the first time …and always wanted to reciprocate that writer in you and I try to do justice to that wish of yours …brownnie point cuz I love writing crap😛 .

you never hurt anyone and never will you think of hurting .You have gone through a lot and no person can ever be you or be as strong as you are . I mean it…you are more than what you are my love :*

Days are soooo hard like a mountain to move; without your voice echoing . Mum and I sit like puppets if you ain’t home…

We don’t share a father- daughter relationship we are more like friends and forever will it be . you are one hell of a protective dad that you do anything for me if that can bring a curve on my face, and I love that glitter in your eyes when I do something good.You are like mum….you never scold me you, never roll your eyes at me…but makes sure I study from everything I do good or bad.


stay healthy……PLEEEEEEEEAAASSEE , I don’t want the same scenario to break a war with you again , I literally hated my existence seeing you sick and weak and whatsoever 😫 so stay healthy ;that we can dance like monkeys forever 😚😙…so that I don’t have to fire bullets of shouts at you for being careless with your health😛

I take you for granted and always will…cuz I know wherever I go ….wherever I reach, you would be the only person to whom I can run back whenever …cuz I grew up sleeping on your chest and that warmth can never be replaced by anybody else’s.

your girl will always love you to the moon and back a million times and more


eeiya :*


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