not the end !

He ignored her completely…..she begged….but everything she did was In vain….she was torn into bits…..with a puzzled mind and a broken soul …cried to sleep…

Woke up next morning….all was fine….but the “next morning” was not the next day…but when someone else opened the door to her life once again that one person who cared for her existence…long years of wait and her dad saw the glitter in her eyes like never before …she clutched her dad’s hand as she walked over to the altar where her man to be… stood looking at her like she is the only girl alive…..  while her dad  handed his princess to her man….and the promise her man  made to her  surely lasted for a lifetime and he sealed the deal of keeping her happy ….Pampering her lips with his, beginning a new life …as the crowd applauded when he said “I do” !
#her eyes filled up once again for love


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