Let’s talk sssshhh🤐

Common is this topic to be spoken out anywhere in the air that floats out of India.

But we Indians are “well mannered” 🐒Though we don’t hesitate to sleep with a man    and let him do whatsoever  …..on the first sight…..I  mean the first time we  meet is obviously on our wedding day ,but one could be called indecent if she finds her man on her own…..

And all they look forward is to tear up that virginity ..(we very badly need feminists to contemplate on this topic) 😌


As the coolest lady 😜I know (obviously my mum)  said when once I told her the class discusses the after-marriage – biology 😂

She was like ” you ain’t a kid anymore to run away from all those talks…grow up” and my reaction was like 😱.

Its like i thought  making babies  was by kissing according to my perception until I reached the end of my graduation  that my “bio-expert” friends found it necessary to feed my brain with the right food in the right areas or else as they said ” you’ll be laughed upon”😒 the main reason why I had to go through their lectures😪

So why should one shy away from writing it down?

After all that process is necessary for the  generations to fill up the blanks on earth😎.



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