Leave her alone

For sure she’ll need you…but not for you to gaze at her through your bulletproofed sceptic eyes…

Hold her hand when she need that warmth…. believe in her …for she know what she wants….

She is her soul and not yours or the ones who created her…

 let her go pantless if she wants to cus her life is hers and she never question you.. (well! Who are you to judge her?)

Let her cry to sleep if that’s what she wants…. it’s her tears and not your glass of water

Let her act weird….(bringing in the fresh air to drive away your septic mind)

Infact let her do,be,say whatever she wants… her life her ways… Do the same as you do to your sons or the guys out there and see her through the same eyes… she’s not different she has the same stuff the one who gave birth to you have ( if you know what I mean)

You never make interrogations when “he” make decisions…but when an “s” comes before “he” you burst that cracker on your butt  .

Just shut the eff up…. treat her well…..so will she do the same to you…

As simple as that !


6 thoughts on “Leave her alone

      1. Haha.. I hate to mention that.. Tbh one should accept the other no matter how they’re (that’s what my girl likes in me 🀐 she’s crazy).. Just think about it, if someone isn’t like that, how bored it’ll be πŸ˜›

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      2. Probably that’s why I love blogging.. Huge space, many interests, new things to learn and meet.. It’ll never make us bored.. Maybe money is a thing needed to sustain, I’m working on it.. Freelancing and travel reviewer uffo great job where everyday is like a vacation πŸ˜‰ #Ilahi
        Dp is nice btw

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