To the engineer

I had you with me to get me chocolates  only for 5 years….and then you were taken away… I still remember Momlu all numb and Jaanu still in her mid 40s madly in love with you…and that evening when I asked momlu on why you didn’t come to meet me and aettan,she lied that you went back to Dubai to get us chocolates.My mum is stronger than you can imagine achaachaa..

she knew that you won’t be back to call me “Devi” or to get us ice creams..or to give us the ” grandpa love”……and that night I saw you wrapped up in white , all pale. That was the first time you didn’t  smile seeing me.. or hug both  me and aettan ,you didn’t move…I was asked not to touch you even๐Ÿ˜ข

And jaanu ,โ˜น๏ธ

She had tears in her eyes and Maasi longed for your hug …. Maaman took your place from then….. Little did I know you will never be back….and momlu told us you will get us our favorites when you come down from heaven….and still all grown  up I believe the same story ..that you’ll be back one day… and to be  known as  THE ENGINEER’S GRAND DAUGHTER makes me proud than anything else..

But I wish you were around to give a cuddle….call me by the name only you called me…. I miss the taste of the vanilla cakes though I ate a lot of it in these  years…but no chocolates tasted as good as the one you brought for dresses are as adorable as the ones you got me.

And know that you have a huge place in your grand daughter’s heart… could’ve stood back till forever… went too soon…and some nights I cry wanting you back…like this night…..and I run to mum’s arms and cry like a kid wanting you back….. I wonder how she holds her cries back…

Though I keep jibbering ..”men are mortal”…. your going took your grand daughter’s grandpaa away…and that affects her even today… When she begs you to come back….. And still she hopes you’re somewhere near her protecting her as an invisible angel from above๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ง


7 thoughts on “To the engineer

  1. Uff.. Touchy dear.. Pure love, pure heart.. Like elders say those whom we love the most always resides beside us.. He might be somewhere around you for sure guarding you.. But don’t try like in Hp for doe or Twilight for adrenaline rush ๐Ÿ˜‹ Good to see you btw

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