The encapsulated family traits😁

Life would  be boring if you don’t have “creatures” of your same mental instability 😁. And therefore god made this category of ” living products” called COUSINS 😍. They stay near or far away..but when met ; god spare you 😉. Like all Indian families ….joint family segregated to pieces like the division of an amoebae…and the fact that the population is high on which one of my eldest cousin think is because of the lack of “protection” in those days 😅.If you can grab what I mean …then hifi🙌.

Well ! That’s my bunch

There could be age differences wagera wagera but you know what? Cousins are always a piece of you…and the family…Like,when you throw a party you miss those chits of your puzzle group and you ring them up and shout out your happiness so that they literally feel like drowning to death.😎 (well…my clan does that !)
And just cuz there is a mixture of genes , one character is different from another and therefore there are  varieties in all cousins.


1.The adored idiot.
We know what they actually are but they fake so much in front of the elders like high proportion of respect and subtlety that the aliens of the past generations who don’t understand this creature gives him/her an adored position that they ask us to ” study manners” from them😏.MY FOOT 😈

2.The singer\dancer💃🕺
This is a sure shot…you either have a singer or a snake like dancer cousin….and everytime there is an event, the family wants him\her to perform.

3.The bookworm🤓
One of that cherubic faces who love to drool in books …poop in books and pee in books…they always have a series of harry potter or twilight and sit in a corner during the “cousins’ talks”

3.The sex racket 😅 (don’t misunderstand).
There is this one person who knows everything based on this topic and wants to spit that out to the group ..indeed they have a sticker smile advertising👉”WHY WORRY WHEN I CAN SOLVE YOUR DOUBTS”😅

4. The fashionista💁
She\he is a complete fashion freak that this person try new tricks on their outfits and their face on every event…😁 and never wears an outfit once worn😉

5.the dreamer
Sitting in a circle and taking pills of crap topics and laughing your tummy find this creature sitting next to you engrossed in some other world….provided no ganja he\she flies in thoughts.

6. The nose picker
That one who looks innocent..but is the most cunning of the lot that  always investigates with an innocent face and betray everything to the elders like Nosey aunty.

7. The bullet proof specs
Who wears specs?? Yeah ! For me it is the studious cousin…they always roam around chanting ” E=mc2″😆

8.the poetic cousin
He\she is amazing at making instant funny poems ….and sings it out loud and we fall to chorus his song …I love this genre 😁

9.Mommy’s kid
No matter what ..this kid never move away from the heat of their mum…and sits with their aunties cuz that’s where his mum is..

10. The minute laugher (loafer)
This one cousin doesn’t need much to ROFL….and his laugh probably makes the others laugh.

11. The marriage material👰
The eldest or the so called “mature” one of the lot that is always forced to get married or asked about their future So-and-So😅.

12. The advisor
The typical philosopher or the pastor of the cousins..that all of them keep a distance from.

13. The parrot
This person would probably die of lack of breath cuz he\she talks a lot in a breath …gifted indeed😅

14. The devotional being
This cousin lives on prayers than on food or water…he is always seen going to temples or churches (especially before the exams…or something very important).

15. The sceptic🤔
This cousin is  the one who is 24*7 sceptic ..and finds fault or dual meanings in everything said or done 😐

16.The secret keeper.                      This cousin is well versed in keeping secrets and makes sure that it doesn’t get published no matter what !

17. The lazy bone
The one who sits on the bed all day (Like don’t even want  to change their undergarments cus they are lazy to get up and do something ).

18. The party popper
This one person’s only aim is to stick all of the cousins together forever and does everything to make up programs or get together.

19.The” boaster”
Ergh! Caught In their hands could be worser than sitting in a maths class …like you don’t understand..hate being there and  still you smile like an idiot nodding your head .

20. The cook
This person cook so well that you bump into their home whenever you are hungry cuz you know eateries comes as magic from her hands😍.

And everytime we throw a party… There’s a huge space left in hearts that we fill up by eating the food on their behalf too

There could be things that you look upto and look down at in your cousins…but know what? you clutch them tight cus they are there for you always , when needed and are the only people you accept with all their flaws..

Whatever it maybe …these are people the who adds colour no matter what colour it maybe and the official gate crashers of our homes forever.


22 thoughts on “The encapsulated family traits😁

      1. Before the summer ends right!! 😉
        Summer time is really special for me from the past three years only, though there is nothing much this year 🤗
        How about you ?? You hate summer or do you love it 🙄

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