she writes!


I was shrugged by the thought that this would be difficult for me to write…but see…you moulded me into a better person as you washed your hands off.

I’m not sad anymore for all the good old shit memories when you were my best friend and I ain’t planning to write a “paro/chandramukhi-kahaani” anytime near…cus you still don’t know

When someone else takes your name …it no more makes my heart skip a beat as it did a decade ago… First love never stays said my best friend ..

well! how will it stay when I was the only one who fell…cus you rose out of it ..

there were days I craved to be noticed by your eyes but I never did matter to you.. years passed by ,you turned out to be my best friend…and that shattered everything .But see , you are this driving force why I no more feel this feeling …wow !!! you wrecked it off .. And we can no more be the same and that gives me a faded smile ….

hope your guitar is doing fine

your’s lovingly,

a one sided lover




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