I would like to ..!

I would like to see you in person one day , after some years when we both are successful in our lives and  then sit in a corner with our cup of coffee in some coffee shop ; not in one cup as we once decided…but with each other’s individual cups….
I would like to see if you are  all fit and fine without me riding behind you  too ……..
I would still wish to see that glitter in your eyes as you look at me ..but I won’t let you know that….. 
I hope you won’t hurt me with your words that pierce deep …those words which were never meant to keep promises ….
I would like to know if you were happy without me….and if you still miss me next to you …

I would like to know if you gave my space to someone else …..if yes …show me her picture as I cross my fingers hoping she ain’t pretty….
I would like to touch your guitar for once ….kiss them I missed you… I would also  like to get your autograph …(I’m sure you’d reach heights one day )
I would like you to touch me -shake hands-cus we never touched each other ….yet our love story was the best….
I would like to listen to my favorite song before we sip the coffee down to say goodbye…
I would like to know if your mum and dad are fine and if they ever asked about “us”

And sit next to me for sometime ..and let’s not speak …let our silence do the magic….!
Please leave…when you can’t handle it anymore… Because I wouldn’t like to come closer to you anymore !!


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