If you ask any of my close ones what I love to wear would either be “saree??” or “SAREE” 

 maybe cus my mum always look sexy in it that I copied it or cus it makes my curves more sexier when it licks the waist..

And it was in 2003 I stole one of those humongous collection of my momlu’s saree … And tried rounding around me…but the only problem?? I couldn’t walk…and i saw mum laughing at me from the other end…and it took almost 9 years after that to wear it officially….and till now I make sure i fill up my closet with all kinds of sarees …and it’s almost coming true…..

You know….that contentment you get when you wrap the elegance all around and tug it just below your navel and every single pleat making you vibrant and that shape of mermaid it designs on you ?? …

Why telling you ?? Ask a saree lover.

….that sheer elegance will continue forever !!


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