Types of people on whatsapp

If you can relate ….i can read your mind…. Buhahhahaa😈

This is one common thing we share other than  breathing.. 😬 mean to say … There’s  no one who doesn’t use WHATSAPP ….

This shit that still continues to grab attention when studying or talking to someone or when counting the tiles in the toilet…. It’s somewhat like – a man / lady that keep seducing you and you can’t get enough of that taste-

Where were we ??😌😌

Yea whatsapp 

So here are types of people you see on whatsapp

1.Hey there,I’m using whatsapp!!
yeah ! that’s why you’re on whatsapp

2.hai ….bye.

there are people who pings in when you are in your hectic mode and your phone buzzes ones…..twice… thrice….and when you unlock…the message would read πŸ‘‰hai  or hello πŸ˜‘fuck you !!

3.the last seen nobody.


4.status pe status.

heylowa….. that’s me…..i love posting it up …and yeah if you’re fed up I give no shit…..you can stop viewing…

well! my life …my happiness my whatsapp..so wwhaaadewa!!

5.the “good morning” image disturber.

i bet all of you’d have this either as an early morning broadcast in your notification or in the group messages..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘spoiler of good – mornings πŸ˜’

6.once in a blue moon ping .

this one person comes outta blue talks to you for hours and disappears until they connect with us in the next blue moon

7.have you studied??

ignore these kind of people…*say no more*

8.the lightning replier.

the moment you vroom a message the blue ticks appear

9. the read receipt off genre.

the evilest ones sleeps on this branch

10.the “peeper”.

the one who read everything in a group message and never replies..

11.the talking emojis.

these people have thumb rest mode on … everytime they stops in from their busy schedule to give the following

person 1:hai


person 1:how are you?


person 1 :what doing?

mr.emoji :🚽

person 1: ohhh wow…carry on

mr.emoji :πŸ’©πŸ’©

easily done though !

12.the by mistake caller.

he or she keeps ringing you up but when you ask they be like -“oops !! mistake ….so how you been??”

a clear cut conversation starter

13.the dp changer.

that’s me again…my kind of people are never content with the pictures we put on.πŸ™ˆ

14.the concern desk.

some of those who bump in to ask if you ate something…if you slept and especially to poop in a “good night” image πŸ˜‘

 15.the immediate blocker.

this person blocks you when they don’t go with your opinion.

16.the emotional athyaachaar.

the one who puts up sadistic statuses….i don’t love you post….and showering hatred to the ex who ain’t there in the contacts.

17.the in and out of contact makers

those people who puts you in their contact when they are good with you and takes you off when you go with your opinion

18.the fussilades of kisses

some people just copy pastes a lot of kisses when you reply back.

19.the forward messenger

that person who puts in forward messages all the time and never indulge in group messages

20.the “late replier”

the one asshole who blue ticks your message but replies after 2 days …ASSHOLE….IF IT WAS SO…THE ONE TEXTING YOU WOULD SEND YOU AN EFFING LETTER BY POST πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘

a lot more to be written but…my thumbs are too tired 😌😌😌


21 thoughts on “Types of people on whatsapp

      1. Ohh well I’d suggest you to opt psychology πŸ˜‚ Your sense of posting and the possibility of people going mad in the future out of stress and broken hearts due to love, you’ll be having full demand πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ just kidding. I Love Art’ – feel we can live with that study, others can make us earn money only 😌

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