You’re your piece of beautiful

Stop speculating  ..create a cranny on your own …. A small crib of your own….. For no one here is genuine, kept away that lady who made you with the man of her soul…..

Keep up what they taught you…..if they didn’t…. They are the best parents….you are yourself already….

Fight back…… live up to your expectations….your life is yours….. Breathe ones in a while…you would really need it…

Study from every prick you get…HATE THAT SOMEONE WHEN IT’S NEEDED…. It’s no sin…

Wear nothing when you don’t feel like clothing up.  

Retaliate when out of skin

Keep that respect for yourself up

Show up that middle finger when your self respect is questioned

Fight with your tongue…..that hurts the most…(ask me I’ll tell you)

And yeah !! Don’t turn back…flush that shit

 go weak for no one…(I assure one is genuine in here…..not their mistake…. It’s tough to survive)

And finally…

what is yours is a boomerang….it would come back to you…. If it doesn’t…it was never yours


6 thoughts on “You’re your piece of beautiful

  1. They always do come back, especially right after you’ve moved on!

    Love the abstract element, and also very interesting , inspiring,and most of it all, empowering! Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

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