Body in motion

days were fine until it broke into today!!

I was having the cosy love with my bed at midnight and then knocks my tummy….πŸ‘»on not knowing what it wants cus i had been chewing dried grapes the previous day i ask ” what ?”

“You got to download” says the tummy…( Not being a toilet person and hating even to breathe in the toilet…the very thought of getting up becomes a nightmare) 

“Chill……i can do it tomorrow…shut up and sleep” but tummy being tummy shows her real face…πŸ™€

I get stabbed by the workers inside….in remorse i rush to the loo…. Breathing as less as possible….mouth sealed not even opening to yawn….eyes closed…and making sure i touch nowhere on the walls other than the pipe…😿

“I HATE THIS TOILET… I’M COMING HOME” that’s what mum got to hear this morning at 6… She’s like πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

“Mummmmm i got loose motion and vomiting sensation” i scream out crying thinking she’ll invite me back home….but turned out different this time …she replies “oohhh…! That’s great…. You’ll feel fresh..let the old stock wave bye ….get some lime, drink water and yeah…take a shower…keep a pad  you’ll need it…your date is here… ” And all the things she told me when i got my first period.. 🀦

And roomie is like.”amma is right..take rest” as she eats banana chips  right in front of me and the smell tempting me to eat the whole packet of it and some biscuits but tummy says no…it needs rest it seems .I guess it loves water…cus the reaction is comparably less

And i rush back to the toilet again and again and being a limpieza maniac…( The only reason why my notorious parents put me in the hostel) seems to reduce my aversion to toilet… There are almost 17 big tiles on the floor😌
Ps: loose motion gives body a good sleep..!! 😻😻

Ps again: don’t listen to noisy songs….melodies seems to work in this scenario 😌 i guarantee you that πŸ’


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