my first girl child is 17

i remember maasi all huge still vivaciously beautiful……mum said there is a baby inside her… 

i was 7 then and growing up with maasi ; also cus I’m closer to her…like any other butthead kid i was raged…. angry…hurt…. alienated….all the love maasi have for me will no more be mine was my thought…. 

months passed and there came a toad like kid out of her…i remember momlu running too the hospital and there she was ;  a baby.. snuggling in her daddy’s arms…..I wanted it to be a baby girl and happy was the environment…uncle placed her on the bed…. i went and kissed her lips….it was soooooo soft…soo mild…and the kid opened her eyes…..i couldn’t stop looking….and her just-born smell was lingering all around…her teeni-tiny toes……😍😍😍😍 her small fingers … beyond words.

and all of a sudden hurt turned to joy…I HAVE A SISTER i screamed to my dad….next day to school with a bunch of chocolates to everyone I met and acting mature was on the next level….πŸ™Š

time passed…she slept in my hands…peed everywhere and played in it 😸😸😸 sometimes invited me to join her 🀦🀦( ohh forgot..her first poop was green😡)  she turned out to be my favorite entertainment….i kept trying new hairstyles on her pine-like hair….i loved fuming her… fighting with her..making her mad and whatnot!

she always wanted me to take her to play school ..and she still needs me (my phone to increase her music collection πŸ˜‘)

she is 3 inches taller than me now…running to maturity school soon…..and I call her my first baby girl… her entertainment is  riding behind me to get married so she could look after my babies it seems….(WHATEVER). little can i live without this creature’s voice a dayπŸ˜»πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚making sure all the guys stay away…not even dare to glance at her….SHE IS MINE AND JUST MINE…..

aaaraanii….aechi loves you with every cell in my body and know that no one is as important as you are to me…and that will always be the same 



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