count the blessings

it was a rude night…


that sound had a  road not taken curveto her life….she felt a screech of electric shock from her  legs.. breathing stopped…her phone fell from her hand…she ran to the next room ….she felt dead seeing her dad on the floor calling her name…all drenched in sweat…he couldn’t open his eyes…he was breathing slow….she cried out for her mom , who came running…

life seemed to have cursed her ………every second he breathed less, she lost her strength….Millions of thoughts beehived in her…..more than what a young girl could take..

she took all the holy books near him…kept his hand over it ..called over her uncle for help…… her mum stronger than ever….she asking her darling not to cry and to keep calm…running from hospital to hospital….

receptionists all in smiles just the way the butcher at his shop…                                         7 hospitals…. exactly more than that….no one was ready to save her dad’s life until…they were fed with money….

she wanted her brother close by , he could handle it better she thought..but for a milli second she did think that her brother is lucky he don’t have to go through it ….and thanked ; cus he is light at heart and will never be over it.

…that scary night and those nightmares of losing her dad forever………that someone to whom she shouts the most…..her singing companion was going through a lot…that man who groove with her with weirdo dance moves was numb and suffering…..the only man who appreciates every small deed of hers…was now in pain….. doctors walking in and out…. relatives giving that “ohh poor kid” sympathetic vibe… consoling her mom who masked herself a strong lady …..

that swarm when the doctors almost gave up…calling his state “critical”                       his sister crying over nostalgia….his brother ready to shift him to a better place and do whatever it would take, to bring him back…

that lady ; who sat next to me…mum i call her , held on to my hand saying that he’ll be fine ….her hands all cold….colder than mine… she asked me to go take rest…

staring at that door.. which read ICCU meant only alphabets until then…..who did ever think the kindest man would have this line in his fate…….!

hours passed by…they assured his health is coming back..sllloooww and steady….

days of sleepless nights passed by ….he lay on a bed in sleep…injected marks all over his hands….his sister -in -law getting the tiffin out with his favorite dishes as mum slept sound …..

we together served it for him….and that very moment  he opened his eyes , seeing me after 5 looooooonnggg days he had tears in his eyes….all i heard was

” I’ll get you a story to write when i reach home”                                                                 all i could do was stand there looking at his thin hands and weak body and float my tears down !


8 thoughts on “count the blessings

  1. Omg.. This skipped my heart beat. First I thought fiction but seeing the tag I got sweat in my hands and seeing the date I felt relieved.. Uff some stages in life are beyond breaking our knees 🙈 Glad all fine.

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  2. I don’t know whether I should be selfish to feel glad that you are safe or pity to those affected 🙈 I couldn’t see Nilakurinji flowers 🙊 This monsoon completely spoiled my plan 😪

    Liked by 1 person

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