on behalf of my tribe

plunging to the points

1. We love being cared like all 2 leggeds and we are protective… possessive but ones hurt…we distance and ignore you.

2.We love wearing less…more clothes more suffocation 😐

3.The bra straps hurt our neck ; halters -our nape- we sometimes feel as if the boobs are being hung in a basket and juggling…YYESSS ! IT HURTS ..for your kind information…we hate you calling them small … compliment is very necessary ! 🀷

4.We luuurrrveee fantasies ( not going deeper , exactly what you think)😌

5. We feel terrible cus we have to hunt for a decent place to pee ..but you can siphon that python anywhere 🀷🀷 (duuhhh)

6.We are ticklish : well ! some of us really are ..the moment we see your fingers , we feel that on us …πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

7.Most of us love our feet and fingers more than our face… peculiarly the moment it is dipped in shallow water it looks sexier than any inch on our body .

8. Hair growth ! we wax , but there’s always one naughty creep hair somewhere around ..and that one follicle drive us mad and yeah ! worsest time is when the hair get stuck between our boobs and butt 🀦🀦eww !!

9. Under the shower is the best place to analyze than the mirror….we make decisions in there…. ( now you know why most of us take long to come out of the bathroom 😁

10.Not all of us love teddy bears and the cheesy whatsoever !!

11. Not all the beautiful ones are ones with lost-seal ! 🀷😁😁 we know to save it until SuhaagraatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ

12.We find ourselves stinking during periods , after we pee , when we raise our hands and whatnot!

13. The more comfortable we are more is the overflow of the discussion on the bed-stuff….we don’t care you hail from the other tribe.

14.Night drives sweeps us off..

15. We crave for food than love or sex.buy us food we’ll be indebted for a month until the next

16. We never bring up the “real me ” in front of you unless we sense you are for lifetime

17. We can ignore you and then make you count on your existence……And we can fall in love with you and never let you know…not even an idea 🀷🀷 ( addendum provided if asked)

18. Long walks are always given a green signal ….oops ! unless you are fucking close…..we could talk for hours and we’d talk shit to you.

19. Closer we are ….the more babyish we could get

20. You sit next to us…. half of the problems gets solved or the heart rate increases..or we wish to remove the sandals….depends on what you mean to us

21. We luuurrrveee the butterflies in our tummy and it needs just a gaze

22.We love babies …..and when we pamper them , it ain’t a gaze-seeker…and all of us wish to make one gibberish life outta our vagina one day

23. Grab us from behind if you want to be top listed in our -i love you- list…or a simple look into our eyes would do wonders

24. We love rash driving and rash drivers…. 😍😍 ( pretty sure daddy love would probably keep my car keys away next time I go home after he read this)

25.Not all of us love dogs and cats…. we hate fur…but majority of us love hair on your chest though …(we look into your shirt on the first meeting) 🀣🀣🀣🀣not all though…but i repeat …MOST OF US

26.We act like nomads when in our homes….hair all messy…granny panties, loose bras or no bras, ragged tops and “shortest shorts” are our favorites

27. Majority of us run to our room when there’s a knock on the door…and the visitors are in…so we can groom ourselves and get down the stairs as if we never knew you came in an hour ago

28. There are some of us who prefer arranged alliance over love marriage…just some..

29.Western toilets are cosier than the other…we get to sit and contemplate on…

30.If we take your name unnecessarily ….i assure you , you are neon marked in our favorite list

31. We believe in Tit for Tat

32.We feel on top of the world when that fluorescent bra fits us perfectly

this hurt us more than heartbreak!πŸ˜”

33.There are chances we gaze on guy’s whatever just the way you get turned on gazing on our whatever !

34. Stilettoes are not always our favorite..well “hawai chappals” do wonders

35.We love gossiping to our boy best friend than the girl bff only because he will be zipped the moment he conveys his part ( darling mine …if you’re reading this…..get ready for more)

36. We use more swear words than the opposites do… that’s like a breath of fresh air ….so don’t pop your eyes out the next time

37.And just because we don’t talk of sex doesn’t mean we know nothing…..each of us hold a secret doctorate in this area.. though we act naive and embarrassed and as if we got a new information.. ( we are creators , you know nothing…ask us we’ll tell you…even the minute area where you and your friends would fail to talk about is where we analyze the most)

38.We comment upon whoever we see….and we bitch a bit too much and that feels like nirvana

39.We cry …we snivel…we scream…we whimper …we hyperventilate ( depending upon who the person is ..what the situation is….how bad it hurt your Brain’s ass and how badly the other is affected by it)

40. We never hate someone we love or ever lovedor we hate 😁….we go right back to forgive and start it all over again..and we expect the same..but after we’re done being stamped on…we ignore ..we tag you dead.


4 thoughts on “on behalf of my tribe

  1. Think you forgot one trait.. If the loved one forgot a memory or if you want to point out a argument, you can remember the false statement passed on the nth day at x hrs and doing y thing πŸ˜‚

    Trust me, I felt like reading my girls diary.. Though she don’t write.

    Pretty relatable. I feel like proud of myself cos I know most of these aspects in and out from my girl. This reminds me of slambook listing all the favorite actions

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ohhh yeaaahhh !! i completely forgot about it ! …🀦🀦🀦
      aww thank you jai as you could relate …kudos to your love cus she belongs to our clan ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

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