daddy talk

The reason why I am a nomad is the moustached-man back in my home ….Who mum lovingly call MBP

so yeah ! our conversation always ends up in advices from the senior most person of us four…

one typical boring day he pings on whatsapp …..I , being alone and wanting to look busy and also cus I love listening to his ideas I text back

The notification light goes violet and screen lightens up “paapaaaaaaaa”

( that’s how his name is saved)

paa: riya? all good?

me: kinda

paa: all good?



me: I’m hungry … I’m sleepy and I hate this place

paa: elaborate the last point..let me see if I can help you out

me: I hate this tutor

paa: why?? who?? what happened?

me: umm “x” (not mentioning the name)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

paa: ohh what did he do?

me: he ditched my marks

paa: no one would do that.. stop thinking take it positive…see I always tell you let bygones be bygones…afterall you have us…..we always give you the best of the bestest .And you better be thankful to your friends cus they take you as you are ❀️

me : it’s a story… you’d be bored….

paa: never ! tell me that cut short.

me : umm…..he once asked me how his class is..and i bloated out that it’s plain boring and I fall sick and sleepy all at once

paa: WHAT?

me: is that wrong?

paa: WRONG?? see, you shouldn’t say things like that

me: you told me to say whatever I feel like

paa: that’s there..but ….you shouldn’t have said that

me: you want me to lie then?

paa: there are certain stuffs you should never say to certain people..he literally thought you’d reply positively… won’t you feel bad? if someone criticize you on something you do or say?

me: not really … I’d appreciate that…not sure though

paa: don’t hurt people …. spread positive vibes… can hate and not talk to people ( humane to do that)…but when you are with them make them feel worthy…. you’d lose nothing…your mum is right…you are still the pallu-wrapped-kid..

me: always right ! ….but I can’t keep things to myself, I say what I feel… orelse this guilt of not saying combines

paa: get used to it…you have to survive through a loong road..

me: okay …so you want me to please others

paa: not everyone….. understand the situation and don’t throw yourself in…keep that workshop calm.. decide..and then take the train… don’t get everything derailed

me- aha! okay …. I’ll be careful

paa: better be….but don’t change yourself… you’re better this way…be as bubbly as you are…do whatever you want … don’t give ears to anyone unless it’s true…..and yeah! let people talk whatever …..we believe in you

me : that’s all I’ll ever need

paa: good ! come home soon

me: sprinting already πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

paa: take care !

me: you too …old man

paa : 😐😐😐

me : 😚😚😚😚

paa: now leave

me :okeidokei

exactly how his office room looks like 🀦🀦

ps: now you know why I’m the way I’m.. unapologetically baby !!

this man and the other half created a “hooman” outta meπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ


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