cus i found that i “binned” this one…不不

It was a rainy day字unning her hands in her satchel when the phone vibrated

Ill be there in an hour he whispered

wait..i look sick she replied

i dont care i miss you soo bad the phone hung up

she made up her hair which she never brush..washed her face and stood on the road ..there came a four wheeler stopped right in front of her.

you look beautiful that was their first get away alone and the first thing he told her when she got inside.

the car vroomed slow. where are we going? she asked

Ive got no idea he said as the car ran but his eyes glued onto her


yes ! last time was when i gave you a crumbled letter shivering as your nails cut my palm when you grabbed it

Chuck, play my song she said as she drank water and he stopped the car on the aisle..

WHAT? she asked bewildered

i missed you a lot.. he said

she touched his face.rubbing her thumb over his cheeks.and said i told you 尖ou badly need to shave

i forgot he replied shivering as her hands moved onto his lips drawing its shape..

i love you..she said as her hands ran for his .

i love you more he said when she retorted

but you know I love you the most he she glanced away from his eyes that was glued on rained heavily outside.. he turned to face her.

do you know you are beautiful? he asked i dont care.give me your hand she said

his hands ice cold.. i dont know what I am doing色 she sighed色 let it be he replied

he grabbed her all of a sudden hugging her for the first time.. your sweat smells good she chuckled.

shrugging it off he looked at her lips色色 they are perfect he said as his hands rubbed her hips.mhm she replied..

i have never kissed she said

dont worry ..we both are newbies

he smelled her lips. she said thats strawberry lipbalm by the way

Will you please shut up? he abrupt

all she could see was him getting closer as her eyes closed, his nose rubbed hers .

he chewed her lower lips. biting it slow as she moaned slow.

he looked into her eyes breathing heavily.

you taste good he smiled. as he sucked her upper his hands caressed her hips

she pushed him back as she breathed heavily looking away from him..his hands clasped hers slowly look at me he said

i cant夙ive me sometime .she replied in tears..

you regret this? he asked. nooooo..we finally did it after half a decade..and i cant believe this

she broke down as he grabbed her again kissing her forehead. you have no idea .i色 she gasped for breath i Love you the most now stop crying. he laughed

色 you have no idea.this is a dream come true.we have to jot the date down .

he said as she smiled stop staring now. she said as she ran her hands in her bag for the tissues..

i wont..cus youre mine. he said planting another peck on her neck .


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