another motion loose

dad has been checking in since the past two hours and being my personal doc advising me to stop taking meat and curd when I’m on medication… and I shout out at mum to please take him back to their room as he has to sleep (time bieng 1:50am) he mumbles ” this kid is […]

To all those who ask me !

you know that time , the relatives , neighbors and even their great grandfathers , their uncle’s granddaughters who are dead come to your home or ring you up to ask you what the next plan is? 🙄 if you aren’t yet into it , i really wish you plunge into it. well ! to […]

how to drape a saree

This post is only because my friend asked me to scribble down this ain’t a tutorial cus you’d end up in knots 💁 Alright ! take that sexy elegant bright see through or paper or kancheepuram or whatever , make sure it’s 5 yards and then …smell the aroma of it … probably to fall […]

daddy talk

The reason why I am a nomad is the moustached-man back in my home ….Who mum lovingly call MBP so yeah ! our conversation always ends up in advices from the senior most person of us four… one typical boring day he pings on whatsapp …..I , being alone and wanting to look busy and […]

on behalf of my tribe

plunging to the points 1. We love being cared like all 2 leggeds and we are protective… possessive but ones hurt…we distance and ignore you. 2.We love wearing less…more clothes more suffocation 😐 3.The bra straps hurt our neck ; halters -our nape- we sometimes feel as if the boobs are being hung in a […]

scribbling scrap

you know that time of the month you lose sleep and vibe away , that make you look like a carcass with wrinkled skin , pale face with no blush on , as the blood to blush gotta fill up the sanitary napkin worth 300 bucks a pack (that 300 bucks could’ve gone in the […]

ashes go up up uppppp

one day you would be in the right place … right hour … right moment and with the right person , the right eyes that deserves to stare at you …. the hands that were made to hold you …those lips that would peck yours .. that one who’d hug all your flaws ; someone […]